Coles Bites

A food journal of a teenager with a mission to be and eat healthy

Nicole’s Journey: My story March 31, 2009

Hello there, My name’s Nicole I’m starting a new chapter in my life as a college student who is a nutrition major with a concentration in dietetics. I plan on becoming an RD one day. I love my family and they are always there for me thru all the ups and downs.

I love: traveling, reading, running, exercise, eating healthy, nutrition, drinking tea and coffee, Starbucks, frogs, my shih tzu Oreo, french bull dogs, and blogging.

I’m currently a sophmore in college. I’ve changed the concept of this blog over the course of the past two years. This was mainly set up to help me recover from an eating disorder, anorexia, and now that Im pretty much recovered, Im working on toning up and being more active and healthy. This blog is to help me vent through my daily struggles and my goal to be a healthy and active 20something year old in this crazy world. I try my best to workout everyday and follow a vegetarian lifestyle.

I hope this blog will be very helpful to everyone and also motivational. If you have any questions, comments, or thoughts for me please feel free to e-mail me at


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