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Once on Broadway July 19, 2012

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A few weeks ago, I went with my parents to see the Tony winning broadway show Once! Before the show, I only heard a few reviews about the show as well as the bar on stage. Before the show and during the intermission, the stage turns into a bar where you can buy water, soda, beer, or wine and the cast comes out to play a pre-show song. It’s defiantly an experience!

Once is a play about Guy and Girl, the main characters and what they are referred to throughout the entire production, who both have a bittersweet love story of their loves being with other people or absent from their lives. Over the course of the show, meet each other and connect through their music. The costumes and set is very simple but the songs and story line seems to be the pull factor that draws the audience in from the very beginning until curtain close. The two leads excel at the telling of the story as well as being great musicians. Each member of the cast plays at least one musical instrument unlike most broadway shows where there is an orchestra and the actors simply sing each song. One feature of the play that really drew me in was that Martin Guitars sponsors the play and donated a few guitars for the musicians to play.

 ( source: New York Times)

I would recommend this to just about anyone who love music or broadway. There is some adult language usage, i.e use of the “F” word quite a bit, but other than that, its fairy mild and not a play that I would take young children to see.


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