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Summer Time May 14, 2012

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The semester has been over since last week and Im currently on summer vacation! Every year seems to be more and more stressful and Im horrible when it comes to stress. Usually I break out like a 13 year old and my hair falls out like a depressed bird plucking their feathers. I feel confident with how I did in school this semester and Im just waiting on grades. Eeeks! So far I know I have two As and an A+ which I didn’t believe was possible in college. With summer comes the warmer months, tanning outside, swimming, beach time, family time and of course the vacations. This summer, unlike last summer, Im actually going away on vacation with my parents. So far we are going to Chicago and Virginia. My mom’s cousin booked sailing lessons for her and I which is something that the two of us have been talking about for a while now.

Since Ive been home, Ive actually ran Wed to Saturday and yesterday since I begged my parents last June to buy me a spin bike, I did a spinning workout. Today is one of icky rainy day and Im watching my niece for 8 hrs so when I get home, Im taking to the streets for an hour jog. Lately Ive been getting the “you’re getting skinny again” “you’re losing too much weight.” Personally, I think Im fine weight wise, however I know Im not eating nearly enough for a 20 year old female who is 5’9″ and works out 6-7 days a week.

What have I been up to? Im actually trying to find a summer job but Ive taken to being a Guinea Pig and testing products for cash. I’ve also picked up my guitar and learned a few chords, and a few songs that Ive pretty much mastered. I mean most of the songs are three to four chords which is what a typical song is but some songs in which I though would be simple ended up having quiet a few chord changes and were just too complicated for a beginner player. I really want to play better so I can play on a Martin Guitar which if you haven’t heard of, you’re obviously not into music or guitar playing. All I have to say is that a Martin Guitar is how a guitar should sound if you strum it and feel the vibrations on your body.

Yesterday, was mother’s day. And I took it upon myself to throw together a nice day out for my mom. I need up going to Costco and picking up a gift card to a place not to far from my brother’s house called Bensi’s and being the nice person that I can, invited my brother, sister-in-law and niece out to brunch with us. My mom was really impressed and surprised with the day out. For a brunch, it wasn’t too bad. I eat like a bird so I had fresh fruit, three slices of tomato and a slice of fresh mozzarella and 1/2 a plain egg white omelet and coffee. Yumm!

Eating wise: Today Ive consumed a fage 0% greek yogurt and coffee with some almond milk. Probably not nearly enough but its still early in the day.


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