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New Year, New You January 4, 2012

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A new year has emerged which means new years resolutions. I finished my third semester at college and I can say I didn’t do too bad. Defiantly a lot better than last year. I ended up with three As and 2 Bs. My new years resolution is to get better grades, focus on my school work more, continue to work out and get into the best shape of my life and of course continue to blog. I’m trying to come up with better ideas formy blog andhow to appeal and attract to more people. 



The past few weeks have been tough for me but I’ve been able to keep up with exercise and Im trying to eat three healthy meals. Its easy for me to fill up on coffee and not eat which isn’t the smartest thing to do. Instead of having coffee first thing in the morning, Ive been making and drinking smoothies. Lunch has been boca burgers and veggies with the giant cup of coffee and dinner seems to vary from day to day. Boring, I know. Its very easy while Im home to get into a rut but Im working on getting out of that. Instead of focusing on counting calories, Im putting that energy toward my online winter class which Im doing very well in and reading books. I picked up One for the Money and so far I love it. 







Have a happy healthy new year! 




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