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The challenges of exam time December 7, 2011

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Stress is upon all college students this time a year. The end of the semester is upon us as well as the dreaded finals. This is the time when there aren’t enough hours in the day for life in general. The library has been pretty packed so far and the on campus cafe is jammed pack with students and staff.

Ive been so busy lately with projects, exams, readings for classes, quizzes and hanging out with friends thus my absence from blogging. Im going home this weekend mainly to help my dad put up Christmas decorations which he will pay me for my help but also because I need to get my contacts. On the gym front, Ive been pretty regular getting to the gym everyday. Today Im planning on an afternoon sweat sesh. Hopefully Ive dropped a few pounds but my main goal for working out is to tone up and get in excellent shape.

Ive been trying to eat three healthy meals a day but I know stress causes me to skip meals and skimp on what I should eat. I would go back to eating every three to four hours but I get enough criticism as it is in my life. Plus I have a ton of other personal issues Ive been dealing with. One dealing with my “issue” coming back and those thoughts which I thought were long gone? Oh “she’s” back and stronger than ever! I really just can’t wait for winter break when I can be on my own schedule and get back on track with life and such.


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