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Bye bye teen years September 20, 2011

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Im turning 20 tomorrow…I’m not ready to be in the 20something category. I want my teen years back! I’m excited to start this new decade out with a bang though.

Aside from that, I had a decent day. I have two nutrition classes and went to Zumba this evening. It was packed! I’m sure it was because it was the first class of the school year or every floor in all the buildings were having floor Zumba night but it was insane. Great class though. One girl asked me if I was in the Zumba sorority because I was one of the first people allow in the class. No sorry, I just had a good CA who got my roommate and I in the class early so we weren’t shut out. Have a great start to the week!


One Response to “Bye bye teen years”

  1. Chana Says:

    Normal people eat cake on their birthday… Just saying. And happy birthday bestest roomie ever!!!

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