Coles Bites

A food journal of a teenager with a mission to be and eat healthy

September is here September 1, 2011

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Summer is the season of warm weather, time spent down the shore, the time when school’s out. Before we know it, summer is over and fall is among us. While I enjoy the summer and being able to stay up late and run without being bundled up, my favorite season is fall. Yes my birthday is considered in the summer season but I consider it to be fall since the weather is beginning to become cool in the early morning and late evening. School also resumes but this year Im actually excited for school. I have a new roommate, thank goodness but Im also in the brand new dorms on campus. Im excited to begin this year off on the right foot. I need to regain my focus and get back into the swing of things both academically and get myself in the best shape of my life.

To start September off right, I’m going to the gym this afternoon to get in some cardio and weight lifting and Im getting back to eating every 3-4 hours. My plan is just to tone up and maybe lose a few pounds. Hopefully, this is the start to something new.


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