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Let’s catch up! May 28, 2011

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Summer break is in full swing for me. I couldnt be happier. Last Sunday, I ran my 1st 5K in over a year and while my time just sucked, it was good to do it for charity. In high school, I was a 22-24 min 5K runner. I’ve seemed to lack my running skills but Im getting back to running now and by the time I run my next 5K, I’ll be back to that 22-24 minute 5K.

I also started an Internship in Dietary where I had volunteered from 2004-2010. I took the school year off because I was living on campus. It was pretty simple but Im just not use to being on my feet for 6 straight hours. I’m thinking of investing in Reebok easy tones since I’ll be on my feet.

Today I hit the gym and decided not to run but to take a spin class, and lift weights. I really like the instructor on Saturday and Sunday mornings and her workouts are both challenging and fun. Her music selections are also really motivating. Today was intervals and sprints which I seem to really like. Afterwards, I lifted some weight and then headed home to shower. When I got home, my dog was annoying which meant he needed a walk and he’ll probably need another one this evening.

On to the eats:


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