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A food journal of a teenager with a mission to be and eat healthy

May Day May 1, 2011

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April flew by. It seem like my freshman year of college has gotten away from me and with that, I only have ten days left of this year and of the semester. I have the hurdle of five finals to get over and then I’m home free until Labor day. Usually I have plans for the summer, but to be honest the only plans I have are training for my half marathon Im going to run in October or November and going to the gym everyday as well as taking care of my niece come July. I should probably look for a job but the job market sucks to be honest with you.

Today I’m headed to the gym around 7pm for a quick run and Zumba. Last Zumba of the semester as a freshman in college. Oh so sad. lol

Breakfast Almond Butter on Sourdough Manna Bread and a banana:

Lunch while writing my portfolio:

Off to finish up my work.


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