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And so it begins April 20, 2011

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Yesterday was marathon Monday in Boston. I managed to see the runners cross the finish line yesterday but missed most of the race. I’m an advide sports fan. I love the Yankees, Devils, Giants and Celtics but I really only follow baseball. Track and running holds a place dear to my heart mainly because I ran in middle and high school. So when I watch races such as the NYCING and the Boston marathon, I’m amazed. It’s truly the ultimate test to human endurance.

I watched Desire Davila come heartbreakingly close to being the first American woman to win since 1985, and saw Geoffry Mutai set a new world record, with a finishing time of 2:03:01. It’s mind-blowing how close Desire and the winner were. milliseconds separated the two runners. Another reason why I love watching running races.

Today, I decided I need to start running and what came out of it? My need to run a half marathon. Yes I’m actually going to train for one in the fall. Today, I headed over to the gym and as per my training, I was suppose to run 3-4 miles. I ended up running 5.6 miles and to be honest, I felt good while running. Afterwards, I lifted some weights and did abs. Time to get fit and fab and fast.





This semester is winding down. I have an essay due Thursday, a Powerpoint due next Wednesday, a presentation due next Tuesday, and a chem test. Ugh so much to do in so little time. Thankfully, I have three classes left this week and only two days worth of classes and two nights in my dorm. Then back to my warm bed and four days off.

Since I’m running a half marathon in 7-8 months, I’ve got time to train. What are you preparing for? Hope this week is flying by. It is for me at least!


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