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Spring has Sprung April 14, 2011

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So the past two nights, someone decided to pull the fire alarm at 3am which is uncool considering everyone in the building must evacuate, the police and fire department has to come and reset the alarm and then everyone has to line up and hold out their IDs. It’s getting ridiculous now and Im pretty sure those were fire alarms 99 and 100. No joke in the fall, fire alarms would go off three times in one night. Luckily Im going home this weekend with hopes of getting lots of work, studying and running/ gym time. Also no shower flip flops, smelly/snoring roommates or fire alarms.

As for breakfast, it’s been chilly in my room thanks to my roommates desire to keep the windows open 24/7 so I heated up a bowl of overnight oats with a broken up PR bar and a unsweetened apple sauce on the side.

I had my final organic chem lab of the semester and honestly it was fun. How so? Well we made silly putty and slime. How cool right? It was actually. Lab makes organic chem fun sometimes but this was a real stand out lab.

Lunch was pretty simple and different. I had an apple (not pictured), a light Flatout wrap and 1/2 cup of edamames and lots of hot sauce! Girl loves her hot sauce. (:

As for the weather, the forecast for today is 65 degrees and sunny. Currently it’s 67 degrees! Hello Spring! The next few days look to be in the mid 60s but Saturday looks to be rather wet, and it looks like spring has sprung!

Oh and a special Happy Birthday to my wonderful father! I couldn’t ask for a more supportive and great dad. He puts up with my nonsense and picks me up and drops me off at college whenever I ask him to. He’s great. So Happy Birthday Daddy!


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