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Somersaults April 14, 2011

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Snack with a purpose. It’s hard these days to find a snack to help fill nutrition gaps that are chock full of fiber, protein and vitamins and minerals. A well as low in sugars and has no trans fats, additives or preservatives.

Somersault snacks are made from sunflower and sesame seeds and whole grains that are baked into tasty little nuggets. They come in four great flavors—Pacific Sea Salt, Salty Pepper, Santa Fe Salsa and Dutch Cocoa. The Sea Salt, Pepper and Salsa flavors are the perfect savory snack and pack a punch while the Dutch Cocoa satisfies a chocolate craving –without being too sweet or rich.

A serving of Somersaults (1 oz) has 140-150 calories, 7-8 grams fat (1 sat fat), 6-7 grams protein and 3 grams fiber. They have as much protein as a serving of almonds but fewer calories and half the fat. The combination of protein and fiber makes them a satisfying snack.

To be honest, I found every flavor to be delicious and satisfying. My favorite had to be the Dutch Cocoa. Not too rich but just the right amount of sweetness. Putting good food into my body makes me feel good too.


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