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A food journal of a teenager with a mission to be and eat healthy

Week 4 April 12, 2011

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I’ve been slacking on posts about the 6 week pipe challenge. So here’s where I stand. Starting this challenge, I could do 15 pitiful push ups. I usually stuck with those girly push ups that I thought only weak people did. Well needless to say, I have NO upper body strength. (Pre-Challenge).

Four weeks later, I’ve started to notice a difference in my arms, they are swelt and tone. Oh and I’ve managed 30 consecutive push ups as of yesterday. Yesterday I managed to do all three upper body workouts and man do I feel it. With this challenge, I’ve incorporated more dumbbell usage. At home I usually lift 4 pounds. Lame I know but now I can successfully life 8 pounds. I’ve doubled the weight in a few sort weeks. This in turn will give me the arms of my dreams and help when my niece is born.

I picked my classes for next semester. I’m taking an online class on Mondays so tech. I have Mondays off. Tuesday I have Speech and Anthropology health and healing, Wednesday I have Italian, Thursday is Anthropology and a LATE nutrition class: 7:30 to 10pm! Friday I have speech and Italian. I originally wanted History instead of Speech because believe it or not I LOVE American history mainly post Civil War Era. However, the two professors who are easy/ good are part of a learning community so freshman will have one of two professors. Hopefully come spring time I’ll get into that class.



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