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No such luck April 11, 2011

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Well I’m in luck with the weather this week. The high for today is supposed to hit the high of 80 degrees! Finally this wintry nonsense is coming to an end and that mean summer is right around the corner. As for this weekend, I’ve managed to get back to running in which I ran an impressive 4.75 miles in 48.42min. Not a PR but coming back from a sprain it marks high in my book.
There is two weeks left of actual classes and then a final exam period. So I end my first year at college May 11. Twenty actual days of living with THE worst roommates possible.
Anyways since I’m a freshman, I pick my classes today. Lets hope for luck to be on my side for once.

Today’s going to be a good today since its already 55 degrees out and its only 8:40am. I started my day with a whole wheat wrap, and 3 Tbsp of natural almond butter and a cup of frozen pineapple. Since pineapple isn’t in season yet, frozen fruit is just as nutritious and delicious!

I hit the gym like I do everyday for a little jog for an hour. I spent another 16 minutes on the bike to stretch out my legs and cool down.

Random weekend eats:


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