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3 weeks and counting April 8, 2011

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This semester is flying by and with that, my professors are cramming in the work, projects, exams and papers. I seriously need a mental vaction after all this! Thank goodness in two weeks I can go home and relax for a few days for my Easter ‘break.’ Instead of going to the gym at 6am, I went after lab at 11am. I can tell you, it’s a whole other world as the day goes on at the gym. Jammed pack and loud. I like working out when the crowd is light and there are no distractions.

I still woke up at 6 am and had a bowl of overnight oat, 1/3 cup of granola and 1 PR bar. I finished up my lab for chem and checked my e-mails and caught up on blogs. Reading other people’s blogs makes me realise how much work I need to put into mine especially if I want more people to read and comment on mine.

Lab flew by today which was a surprise. Before the gym, I had a Lemon Clif Builder bar. The lemon flavor reminded me of summer and how I want the summer to be here already. After gym I had writing which my professor let us out a half an hour early and she said from here on out, class will end at 1:45 instead of 2:15. I’m totally fine with that!

At 5, I had dinner since I had class from 5:30 to 7 tonight. Another class in which I got out early. Dinner was a yawn fest sorry. 3 eggwhites, mushrooms, carrots, cucumbers and a few pickles.


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