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It’s Snowing April 1, 2011

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Not an April Fools joke! Seriously though when I was at the gym th morning, I was off in my runners zone and when I looked up, I saw big fat flakes! These aren’t the type that stick to the ground but still it’s April it’s suppose to be a lot warmer. My mom said once when she was younger, i snowed on Easter in mid April. I hope by April 24, the weather is at least twenty degrees warmer or I just might cry.

I started off the day with a repeat of yesterday, I promise the next three days will be different. Home means more choices which is a good thing! After my gym session this morning, I headed to Chemistry, which was empty. I guess te “snow” scared away a lot of students? After chem, I came back took a quick shower and had an apple, cup of Whole Soy and Co. unsweetened plain soy yogurt and a cup of Multigrain Cheerios. I had one more class, dynamics of Food and Society which was kind of boring today since five people presented power points. I’m, done since I presented last Friday.

As for my goals for this month: I will continue to do better in school. This is the final stretch of this semester so I need to do well.

I’m going to change-up my workout routine every so often so that I can build more strength, stamina and endurance. After all, my niece is coming in 3 months! I also would like to start training for races again.

Eating and drinking wise, I need to cut back on Diet soda. I know it’s why I’m getting headaches and my stomach hurts. Eliminating them will fix the problem. I will also continue to eat well and eat four times a day. It’s working for me here.

Lastly, work on being a better blogger. Already, I’ve received two comments on my Homemade Larabar post which means that I’m doing something right, I just need to rework the layout of my home page so it’s much more appealing. I’m still a newbie here!


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