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When in doubt call for help. March 31, 2011

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This morning I woke up and had a bowl of rolled oats, a crumbled up PR bar, and almond milk.

I headed to the gym for 70 minutes and came back to my room to get ready for chem lab. I finished my lab and printed it out. As I was heading down te stairs, I opened up the door and there was a girl laying on the ground passed out. She was sorta conscious and some kid was just standing there. He was totally clueless about what he should do so I pulled out my phone and called the University police and within five minutes they arrived along with the EMTs. I left and headed to class. My friend Larry said he saw the girl being put into the ambulance. If it wasnt for me, I dont know if anyone would have called fo help. Everyone who walked passed her just stopped and stared or kept walking.

After lab, I had an Element Bar. I’m surprised how delicious it was. So nutty. At 11:30, my friend Chana and I talked over the phone as she filled out the rooming assignment for next year. We are living together in a double in the brand new building. Im so excited. It’s so close to the gym and its in the same building as the new Mills dining hall.

Later on, I had a snack of a 1/2 cup of cottage cheese and a large granny smith apple. I have one more class tonight and dinner is going to be 1 cup of edamames. I need something portable and filling. I have two classes tomarrow and a gym session in the am and then Im home until Monday!


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