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If it’s below 40 degrees I can still wear Uggs March 29, 2011

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April is three days away, yet it feels like January out. Over spring break, my dad asked why I was still sporting my Uggs and my reply was, if it’s below 40 degrees I can still wear them. Usally by now Im wearing flip-flops or plain old sneakers but this year, the weather has been so bizarre. One day it’s hitting the 80 degree mark and the next day it’s 32 degrees and snowing. Welcome to New Jersey I guess?

As for my day so far, my dad called and told me that I’m going home on Friday cause my parents are going away to AC again and I’m watching my dog. How fun…at least Im away from my dorm for three nights. I hit the gym early this morning and it felt good…back to running. Yay! Since I read ahead last night the reading assignment for chem, I actually understood the lecture today which made me proud of myself. I have a one credit class that start tomarrow and apparently I rented the wrong book? So I have to get the correct book today. Not my fault! The professor assigned one book for the class then decided we need a totally different book! Ughh…poor bank account once again! Today’s my longish day with two more classes and then I can relax and watch Biggest Loser tonight.



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