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Ugh Fire! March 28, 2011

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I enjoy sleeping a lot actually. What I don’t like is being rudely awoken by rowdy people in the hall, rude roommates, and oh fire alarms! This time, a group of kids were smoking inside their room and threw a lite match outside their window which then landed in a bucket belonging to housekeeping. The bucket had chemicals in it, resulting in a fire! So my building had to evacuate for two hours, mainly because we were waiting for the fire department to show up. Oh joy! I left my key inside cause I figured my roommate would follow soon after me to unlock the door, nope! @&$!% I had to wait longer to get back to sleep. Stupid me! So I crawled back into bed, got up at 5:45 and had a bowl of Multigrain Cheerios, 1/3 cup of Crandberries and a serving of natural raw almonds and a cup of unsweetened almond milk. My body cried for more sleep, so I slept til 10!

Upon rising, I had a cup of unsweetened Whole Soy & co Yogurt, another cup of Cheerios, and a granny smith apple. I then got ready and hit the tredmill. I managed to run for a straight hour at a 6.0 mph speed…ugh 6 miles? Sweet! Followed by about 20 minutes of weights.

I then got back to my room, showered. I’ve cut my left leg more times this year then ever before. So I hurried back to my room to bandage myself up and made myself a Lavash sushi wrap. A what? My afternoon ‘lunch’ is something new and different. I’ve seen Lavash mentioned on the Today Show last week and on the Hungry-girl show on the Cooking Channel. When I went into town on Saturday with one of my friends, I redeemed all my freebies, and coupons as well as some frozen fruit, hummus, edamames, bars, and Lavash. So basically Lavash is a flatbread that contains two servings. I bought a whole wheat Lavash to get more whole grains into my diet.

So cut the Lavash in half, smeared on 4 Tbsp of Low Fat hummus along with 1 cup of peppers. I then folded it up like a wrap and cut it cut like sushi. It ended up being pretty tasty to my surprise. Now Im off to study and then its a meeting for the Dietetics Club. Have a great start of the week!


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