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Kopali Organics March 23, 2011

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Over break, I recieved a few samples from Kopali Organics: Dark Chocolate bananas and Organic dried mango.

“Every choice we make affects our well being, the lives of countless others, and the future of our world. This is the truth that inspired us to start Kopali as a partnership to restore the connection between the food we eat, the farmers who grow it and the planet we all share. Our part is to bring you radically pure, irresistably delicious, healthful snacks, produced in the most compassionate and sustainable ways possible. Your part is pure enjoyment. The outcome is…. in your hands!”

Delicious and the highest premium quality, from all over the world. Never any sugar, oil, sulfites, anything added to our fruits, which are fully ripened, picked by hand and dried right on site at the farm. Rich dark chocolate with just enough sweetness and rich flavor, dairy-free and lower sugar.

Organic Dark Chocolate Covered Bananas: Rich, sweet and tasty! I was taken back on the delicious mixture of the dark chocolate and bananas. The chocolate wasn’t too bitter or too sweet. The dark chocolate is Fair Trade Certified and contains no cholesterol, no trans fats. The bag contains two servings so it’s easy to eat the whole bag. I portioned them into two baggies so I wouldn’t overdo myself. One bag does have 240 calories and an impressive 4 grams of fiber.

Organic Mango: Super delicious and sweet but not too sweet. The bag contains one serving of fruit and only one serving for only 140 calories along with 4 grams of fiber.


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