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Galaxy Granola March 23, 2011

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Way over due review:

I recieved a package that said, ” 6 tasty apples inside.” To be honest I thought there were fresh apples inside. Oh Im such a silly person cause when I opened the box, I discovered this:

Galaxy Granola! Three different flavors, all delicious and really filling.

Vanilla Almond: Loads of almonds! I love almonds so this one was great and had an added nutty crunch to it. This is packed with natural ingrediants and whole grains. Great way to start off your day or even end it.

Raspberry: Actual freeze dried raspberries in each spoonful made for a sweet and tasty start to any morning.

Not Sweet Vanilla: Lives up to it’s name, this granola was NOT super sweet at all which is a great alternative to those who are lacking those sweet tastebuds. lol I found this flavor surprisingly yummy!


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