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Non stop Monday March 15, 2011

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Happy Monday ya’ll! Up and at ’em at 5:30 am today to discover that once again, its was to dark out to run right now. Ugh But I did help myself to a nice yowl (yogurt bowl just to clear that up) of a light la yogurt, 1 cup kashi, 1/4 cup of fiberone, 1/8 cup of edamames and 2 Tbsp of Flax seed. Yummy in my tummy!

I was so tired today that after I did 40 minutes of abs, crunches and lunges, I passed out. I woke up to have my 1st lunch which was a repeat of yesterday: 1/2 cup Kashi Golean, a red delicious apple and pure pumpkin. Soon after I went to the gym and did the elliptical for an hour and lifted some weights. After that I came back home and studied a little bit and showered.

At 2pm or so I had a Boca Vegan burger with a cup of sliced granny smith apples and 2 slices of Galaxy soy cheese and sat down to watch The Princess and the Frog. Oh my goodness what a cute movie it was! At 5pm I went to pick up my dog at the groomers and boy did he need it. He’s rather clean now!

A month ago, I received a prize pack from Myblogspark that contained Green Giant broccoli and cheese endorsed byWeight Watchers. I decided to crack out my Hungry-Girl Cookbook and make the too easy mac and cheese. I mixed in some carrots along with some pasta. It was really good actually.


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