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A food journal of a teenager with a mission to be and eat healthy

Home Sweet Home March 12, 2011

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My week from hell is finally over and to say the least I survived it! I made it home and can relax for now. Of course I have studying for Stats and Chemistry but what else is new?

Today I woke up early to get to the gym before chemistry but when I got there, the manager misplaced the key so the gym was closed until the key was found. Ughh….so I ended up going back to sleep until 7:45. I trekked to class  and went to the gym afterwards for a solid, sweaty intense elliptical machine while I studied for my nutrition exam. Way to multi-task! After the hour at the gym, I rushed to class to take my exam which ended up taking me about 35 minutes to complete. Im pretty confident I did well.  Soon after I packed, did abs and showered. Since the dinning hall was closing early, I grabbed my container and filled it with carrots, mushrooms, cucumbers and a few tomatoes. All I can say is Im so happy to be home, honestly I love living away at college but I could do without my roommates this year. Hope you lovies are having an amazing weekend!



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