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Ashes Ashes we all fall down March 9, 2011

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Ash Wednesday in the Catholic religion is the start of Lent. Each year, one is suppose to give up something for 40 days and refrain from eating meat on Fridays. My mom gives up chocolate every single year and me, the past 3 years I’ve given up sweets. I first did it as a way for me to lose weight which ended with me being very restrictive of what I ate. This time, yeah I need to drop some weight but in no ways will I be as restrictive come Easter. I’m still trying to find that healthy balance and everyday I feel like Im getting closer and closer to that goal.

Today is turning out to be very productive, Ive gone to the gym, went to organic chemistry extra help and at noon, Im going to mass for Ash Wednesday to get ashes.

Yesterday and today my breakfast and lunch have been exactly the same. Yesterday for a snack, I had one last Zing bar, the chocolate coconut which  I realized I never posted review. Think of an Almond Joy but with fiber and protein and about 10 to 20 fewer calories. I can see why it’s Zing’s most popular bar, it was tasty and hit the spot. Dinner was a venti latte and a Luna White Chocolate Macadamia Bar. (No photo, I didnt want to weird anyone in my Italian class out. lol)


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