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Is it Friday yet? March 7, 2011

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Five count them FIVE days till spring break! I really need those ten days away from my dorm and in my own comfort zone. Cold showers, rude messy roommates, disrupted sleep and exams and papers are just what I need to get away from. This past weekend flew by but I did manage going to the gym and getting most of my homework done which was a plus. Currently, I’m working on a first draft for a paper which the final draft is due Thursday. Sometimes I wonder why professors to that to students but then I realized its college. I woke up early today and hit the gym from 6:30 to 8 am. I love getting up early and working out. It makes my day go by faster and I tend to be more productive. Later on, I’ll finish my chemistry lab write up and re-read three chapters of stats. Ugh…is it Friday yet?

 On another note, its National Cereal day? I actually found this out on Hungry-girl’s website. So for breakfast, I had ½ cup of Fiberone, oatmeal, Organic Valley 1% milk and Jay Robb brown rice protein powder. I’m usually not a fan of protein powders but I’m giving them another try. Mixing it with milk in my cereal makes it taste much better. Four hours later, I had ¾ cup of Fiber one, hey I love my fiber! Along with a granny smith apple and about 4oz of tuna. It reminded me of the lunches I took with me last year to school only I would have skim milk instead of the apple. Have a great week!


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