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Another month almost behind us February 27, 2011

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One more day of this weather confused month. One day hail, next a cool 65 degree day, then cold rainy and windy. March.brings spring which means the last of the balmy weather. That means spring break is in 12 days! As much as I love living away and I really like being on my own, I miss sleeping alone and not with rude roommates as well as showering without flip-flops and eating gross dining hall food I never miss that. As for today, Im up now cause Ive rediscovered my routine of.waking up @ 5:40 eating, doing some exercises and work, going back to sleep wake have an am snack gym shower latte more school work dinner at 6:10-6:30ish more studying abs and hang with friends bed by 10/10:30. Which means I will be eating every 4 hours.

I tried to sleep until my alarm went off at ten minutes to ten but I kept waking up. I just stayed awake the third time I woke and made myself tea. My am/ lunch 1 was 2 hard-boiled eggs and a fiberplus bar. I went to the gym an did the elliptical for 80 minutes then ten minutes of strength. After that, I walked to the Cafe to grab a venti nonfat latte and headed back to my dorm to shower. It was nice having my room to myself friday night and all of Saturday. My one roommate came in at 2:30 and woke me up. Ughh…she’s so rude and she smells. Im not a mean person, but come on! I live in the same room as you, have some respect for yourself as well as the other two people living in the room. I can’t wait till next year, the only downfall is the girl I might be dorming with may be transferring. Ughh…so I either stay here and find someone to dorm with or transfer to Rutgers.


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