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Product Review: Zing Nutrition Bars February 24, 2011

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Within the past few weeks, I received a box of bars to sample called Zing bars. These bars have the same calories as Lara bars with much more protein per bar about 10-13 grams. They are a wholesome choice since they do not contain any article ingredients.

Chocolate Peanut Butter -Creamy, crunchy organic peanut butter covered in a mouth-watering organic dark chocolate coating. This bar reminded me of the Luna nuts over chocolate bar a little bit but I really enjoyed the Zing version much better.  

Almond Blueberry -Smooth Almond butter and real organic blueberries sparked a liking for this bar. It was chewy not hard like the other bars I’ve tried. It was very satisfying and a great snack that held me over nicely till dinner.

Oatmeal Chocolate Chip – Like any oatmeal lover would guess, a yummy satisfying bar made with real oats and chocolate chips plus cashew butter. It reminded me of the new Luna Protein bars but without all the chocolate.  

Cranberry Orange– Made with real cranberries, organic chunky cashew butter and a hint of orange zest. The result? It was so yummy. It was delicious and satisfying!

Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip -Chunky peanut butter and  real chocolate chips makes this bar savory and sweet!

I have to say, Zing bars are my favorite bars to date that I’ve received to sample! Each bar is filling and delicious. A plus is that they’re gluten-free, wheat free and soy free! If I could find these in the store, I’ most likely stock up on them.


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