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Vegan for week begins tomarrow February 6, 2011

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I’ve took on the challenge to go vegan from February 7, 2011 to February 14, 2011. It’s longer then a week, 8 days to be exact but I like a challenge when I see one. Today, I went to Whole Foods and picked up a little over a weeks worth of food. First, I needed to get sm color so I got blood oranges, carrots, apples and edamames. I then got my protein sources: tofu, tempeh, tofurkey. Grains: oatmeal, Kashi go lean, and GG bran crackers. I picked up silk soymilk and almond milk. Bars: Nugoo, Lara, luna and clif mojo. I also got miso soup and tofu shirataki noodles and EVOL veggie burritos so I have an addition option for a meal. I live in a dorm, so I can’t cook anything which is why I choice the food items. When I was at  Whole Foods, there was a rep. from Earth Balance whom I talked to. She’s an RD who was vegan for 10 years, she helped me and suggested tempeh. I’ve never had it before but she said its a starch and protein food which a very unique flavor. I’m ready for this challenge.


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