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Vegan for a week February 3, 2011

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On Tuesday, I watched Oprah. It was the episode where her and 378 Harpo employees who went Vegan for a week. What really shocked me was when Lisa Ling went to the slaughter house. It replused me so much. I’ve seen videos like that which triggered me to avoid meat and switch to a vegetarian diet/ lifestyle but now I’m ready to make the switch to veganism. It got me thinking, as I’m always thinking. Why not try to go Vegan since I want to eventually be a Vegan in the future. It’s easy to load up on simple carbs and junk food, but I can make healthy choices. I know its going to mean no dairy which seems to be making me sick lately, no honey, I can use just lemon in my tea, and no Jello or marshmallows, I don’t eat them to begin with. I rarely eat ice cream and I don’t eat meat expect for egg whites. It will be a challenge but hopefully a good one. In the hope of going vegan, I’m also on a diet to lose those pesky freshman 15 I’ve gained. 😦 Since starting the Spring semester, I’ve gone to the gym everyday. 

While on this Vegan Diet:

  • I’ll be more aware of what I’m eating 
  • Avoid all meat products and anything containing meat
  • More produce in my diet

What I expect:

  • Weight loss
  • clear skin
  • No head aches or stomach aches

Will I be able to continue this after the week is up? Will I be hungry all the time? Will I have more energy?

This means stocking up on vegetable textured protein, oatmeal, flax seed, almond milk and soymilk, soynuts, edamames, fruit, vegetables, luna and lara bars, beans, hummus.

As a nutrition major, I’ll eventually have to make a meal plan for a vegan so why not make one for myself? I already have all the information from the RD I went to so there’s no need for me to be lazy and eat whatever I want. Im making a lifestyle change and one that requires planning.


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