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Raw Revolution January 30, 2011

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Back in July, I received a package of different bars from Raw Revolution. The package contained 8 100 calorie bars along with full-sized bars. As followed were was I received:

Tropical Mango- Really good and a bonus was the real chunks of mango. It’s vegan which I liked alot.

Choc Chip Cookie Dough- To be honest, it wasnt my favorite. I was expecting a more cookie dough taste but the chocolate was just too over powering for me.

Raspberry & Chocolate- I really liked this bar alot. The plus side is how filling it was. It does come with a high calories tag though. (270 calories, 15 grams of fat) On the flip side, there are 8 grams of protein and 4 grams of fiber.

Spirulina & Cashew- Before this bar, I never heard of spirulina, but with the combination of cashew, this bar contained whole cashews which was amazing.

Coconut & Agave Nectar- This bar had great flavor and no after taste. The texture was delish and rich. The two flavors went together perfectly. Very high calories (310)  high fat (18 grams) I would recommend this as a quick breakfast of mini-meal.

Chocolate & Cashew Tasted really good along with a deep chocolate flavor that’s not too over powering for me, but other people might find it to be. Once again, kept me full for hours considering it’s high calorie and fat content. ( 280 calories and 17 grams of fat, that fat is from coconut, almonds, cashews were are all healthy fats. Coconut does add to the saturated fats though)

Cashew & Agave Nectar- Actual pieces of cashews and almonds made this bar worth trying.

Chocolate & Coconut- This bar reminded me a lot of an almond joy bar, but all natural.

Hazelnut & Chocolate- I liked the taste of this bar lot. It kept me full for hours! They are a fairly high calorie (290), high fat (15g). Their best contribution is the protein (7 grams ).

Raisin & Chocolate- There’s a great combination of deep chocolate and sweetness from the raisins. One again, comes with the high cal. count (290), 14 grams of fat, and the 8 grams of protein is the best contribution.


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