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and the adventures just keep on coming January 23, 2011

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It’s never a dull moment at MSU. Today, I decided to use all my freebie coupons I got in the mail from various companies, by that I mean going to Whole Foods. Since MSU canceled the shuttles that go from the campus to the Target, I looked into the buses which round trip would have been $3.85. Not bad. However, this is the best part, actually its th worst. 😛 I needed to catch the 28 bus at Carlisle Rd. so I put it in my GPS on my phone which took me 1.25 miles out-of-the-way and I ended up back on campus!!!! I literally missed th bus by 2 minutes!! So I ended up calling a cab, how bad could that be? THIRTEEN DOLLARS LATER!!! What am I in NYC? Nopee…thats cabs for you. I finally arrived at Whole Foods and did my shopping, With all my coupons and bag refunds, I managed to save $32.01! This consisted of Organic valley 12 pack of lowfat milk, organic valley lowfat keifer, almond milk, 9 bars, mix of luna, lara, clif a nugoo bar, mojo bar, bran crackers, soy nuts, VTP, carrots, celery, paper towels, 2 jars of earth balance almond butter, 2 liters of water, a zero cal energy drink and baby food,( hey with my coupon it was FOUR CENTS!!) II had the energy drink while I waited for my bus. It was actually really good. I use to drink sugar-free red bull and sugar-free rock star, but those drinks contain icky chemicals. This brand didnt and I’m hooked on it.

I finally arrived back at campus, and hit the gym for an hour on the elliptical and ten minutes worth of running. I met my friends for dinner. On the weekends it’s usually slim picking but I had a nice bowl of steamed carrots and broccoli along with cucumbers and tofu and my new favorite, hot sauce, the bottle with the roster on it. Its sooo spicy!


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