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Second semester January 20, 2011

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I’ve been so busy the past few days, that I didn’t have time to post. Saturday, I went to the gym where I ran 5 miles and after that, came home took a shower and ended up in Philly! I met my mom’s cousin’s wife whose a pharmacist and drove around Philly. My parents and her went to Pat’s King of Steak, the cheesestake place and as a vegetarian, I had tea. lol Across from Pat’s is Gino’s and I must say, it was a COLD day, but people were still sitting outside. A bit later, we went to Buca di Beppo, which is an Italian restaurant and it’s really cool. There is so much art, pictures, history in that place. For dinner I had a salad and after we went back to my mom’s cousin-in-law’s apt. where she’s staying untill she sells her house in Chicago. We left and got home around 11 pm.

Sunday, I went to the gym again, came home packed for school and left home. ( If only for good :P) Breakfast was edamanes and rolled oats, same as day before and dinner/ lunch was spinach and tofu. I met up with my friend Kerrin and we talk and then help my friend Vinita move in.

Monday, I woke up to an empty room which meant my roommates didn’t move in yet and I had a restful night sleep. For breakfast, I had rolled oats, and edamames. After, I went to the gym for an hour then I decided to get my text books. I rented them this semester instead of buying them, it saves the hassle of trying to return them for a 1/4 of what their worth. Plus it saved me so much money. Any ways, who ever was in charge of putting the orders together gave me the answer book for organic chem instead of the text-book which I purchased and I tried to explain it to the lady but she didn’t get it so she ended up refunding my dad’s credit card instead of exchanging it for the book that I purchased. I ended up wasting 15 minutes explaining it to 3 people and left. I called my dad and he said just to use my debt card to re buy it again so I did. Lesson learned: Check my books before I leave the book store and MSU hires idiots! Lunch was tofu and carrots. Dinner was 2 egg whites and spinach.

Tuesday was the 1st day of classes, my 1st class, Organic Chem was canceled so I had rolled oats and edamanes then head to the gym. I then had lunch in my room which was Fiber One and edamanes before going to writing then I had italian later in the day. I ended up having dinner before Italian which was tofu and peppers.

Wednesday, I don’t have any classes till March because Im taking a 1 credit Nutrition class that is second half of the semester. So I went to the dining hall and had half a grapefruit, and an egg white omelet with veggies. I came back to my dorm an did my Italian homework and writing. I had lunch with my friend Kerrin which was Tofu and spinach. We decided to go to the gym together after dinner with my friend Melissa. We met Melissa around 5:30 and again I had tofu with red and green peppers. At the gym, I ran for 35 min. and worked out on the elliptical for 30 minutes.

Today, I didn’t have chem lab. It starts up next Thursday. So I had an egg white omelet with veggies for breakfast. I have class at 1 so I decided to go to the gym at 2:30. I have one more class at 5:30 and then I’m finished for the day. Tomarrow, I have organic chem at 8:30, so I’m waking up at 6 am to go to the gym and then class at 11:30. Hope everyone is having a gr8 week!


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