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Happy 2011!! January 3, 2011

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Another year and come and passed. For me it was full of ups and downs. lol I start 2011, trying t gain control of my weight and hopefully lose the weight that I put on since June. I went way over my goal weigh by a lot and hopefully I can get back to my goal. Yesterday, I went to a 90 min spin class and today I did 65 min on the elliptical machine. Boy did I work up a sweat. Friday was New Years Eve and my dad and I went to a New Jersey Devils game where we sat front row! It was so exciting and we were even on tv when the camera panned over when the Devils were near Atlanta’s goal. This year, we stayed home and celebrated and drank sparkling wine? lol Saturday, I went to spin class and then to Target and Mass. Today, I went to the gym and Target again, and this time they finally had Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. My Harry Potter movie collection is finally complete!

For breakfast yesterday and today, I had 2 packages of plain oatmeal along w/ 2 tbsp of Fit nut butter. I was surprised how good the “peanut butter” was. It tasted just like tradition pb, but it does have a lot fewer calories and fat. Yesterday, I had the chunky pb and today I had the smooth. Both were delish.

Lunch: 1/2 cup of VTP and chopped up pears and apples.

Dinner: Yesterday was veggie soup with spinach and carrots and today was chicken breast, asparagus and carrots. and no sugar added hot cocoa.

Yesterday, I hung out with my friend Danielle for a little bit, we saw Narnia in 3D. I was surprised how good it was, but for 14.75, I think I’m going to ask my brother for his IO card so on Tuesdays I can go to the movies for free!


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