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Blizzard oh joy December 28, 2010

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The Blizzard of 2010 take 2. The first part was back in February when we got about a foot of snow. Well this time, it seems to have almost tripled in amount. In some places, where there’s snow drifts reaching 4 feet or more. As you can tell, my day began with shoveling. Oreo, my annoyingly cute dog, had to pee at 1:30 am. He hates the cold and the snow even more so. Last night, when the snow started, I had to shovel three times for him to go out. By the time, I was awakened by my mom at 1:30; I was out shoveling yet another path for Oreo so he could pee. We then moved to the front of the house to shovel a path way to my dad’s truck just in case he had to go in to work, he has the day off. The first time, I shoveled for an hour and a half. I must say, it was really spooky out since my mom and I were the only two people shoveling. My neighbor just got home from 2 hours of trying to get home and she was trying to get her dog to pee as well. Lol
I finally finished shoveling around 3:20 and made myself hot tea and passed right out. Then I was awaken yet again to my mom wanting me to shovel, this time it was 9 am. Off shoveling I went for another hour and a half. Ugh… and to say that I want to move to Boston when I graduate from Montclair. After I finished part two of shoveling, I’m going to have to go out for a third time to finish shoveling out my mom and my cars. Oh joy! I really hate the cold and snow. I never understand how I use to run track in the winter, but somehow I did. Now, I run on the treadmill in this type of weather. If not for nothing, shoveling is a form of exercise, so I’m down with that.
As for breakfast: I consumed one cup of Trader Joe’s high fiber cereal and one 6 oz container of Wegman’s light yogurt along with two packages of Crystal light metabolism. Lunch was half a can of chunk light tuna and about 1/4 cup of VTP. Dinner was 4 oz of grilled chicken breast, a cup of mixed veggies and a med. sweet potato.
Stay warm everyone and stay inside unless you absolutely have to go out somewhere or shovel.


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