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One down, 7 more to go December 23, 2010

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I survived my 1st semester away at college. It was tough, not going to lie. From 10 page papers to rude roommates, I actually managed to not stressout too much. There was clearly stress in my life, just not to the extent where I was getting sick. Yesterday, was my first full day at home. I ran 5.75 miles, which is a lot considering when I do ru at college, it’s usually only 2 or 3 miles. I put up my Christmas tree and unpacked. Really, yesterday was a recovery day from college. We all need one of those every so often. Today, I decorated the tree, cleaned, did some Christmas shopping with my mom and managed to go to the gym to a spin class. I miss going to them. Tomarrow, there’s one at 5am, which I’m considering going to or else there’s one at 7pm. My best friend Danielle and I are returning to the high school to visit. I have mixed feelings. It’s a place that triggers my restrictive eating disorder and a place of many good and bad memories. So I’m just going to let it all play out, hopefully in a good way. Over the weekend, I got a new phone. Finally! Its T-Mobile’s version of the Droid X, and I love it. All touch screen which is so cool, but I’m taking my time learning how to use it.
As for my food intake:


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