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A food journal of a teenager with a mission to be and eat healthy

snow!?!? December 7, 2010

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Not quite but there were some flurries today and as I was coming out of the gym…BAMM!! One flurry flew right smack into my eye. I screamed! lol I only had one class today, chem, which I was let out early since I had a quiz. I’m pretty confident that I did well on it since I knew the material. My writing class was canceled since my professor was ill and my intro to prof. class I didn’t have to attend since last week I presented my eportfolio. So I had a relaxing day which started at 8 am with an eggwhite mushroom and pepper omelet and sliced pears and coffee. Lunch was tofu, carrots, mushrooms and hummus. After lunch, I hit the gym for over an hour and ran about 5 miles and lifted some light weights. After I took a shower which to my surprised has been extremely hot which is better than getting into an icy cold shower. I met my friend Kerrin and Melissa for dinner which was tofu cucumbers and hummus. Now I’m just waiting for Gossip Girl in about an hour. Ugh…I wish this was finals week. =/ Only 10 days till I go home!


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