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December to remember December 5, 2010

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I can’t believe how fast this semester is flying by. Its december 5th already! That means that I have 8 days worth of classes and then home until January 17th! I’m excited but nervous about my finals. The first one is on December 13th in my intro to food and professions class. I’m pretty confident about that exam, but chem I’m not to sure about. I have my last quiz tomorrow (eeeps!). 2 weeks from today, those exams will be a thing of the past!

So today is a study day for that and after dinner, I’m hitting the gym. I found that going to the gym later in the day, around 6pm actually works for me and studies have shown that your body is warmed up already. So I’m guessing my body knows what it wants. Plus I’ve been able to sleep better at night when I go to the gym at 6 pm as a pose to 8am even though I’m thinking to-morrow and Tuesday might be early gym days.

Ugh…this past week I’ve had the WORST cold ive had in a long time. All I’ve wanted to do was sleep! My mom sent me back to school in Sept. with a bottle of Robitussin which I took to clear up my cold symptoms. Which seem to get better but I still have this annoying cough! Well needless to say, I didn’t screw the top on all the way and it spilt on 2 of my favorite white cami’s! One I bought at American Eagle and the other at Ruehl 925 which is no longer in business and it upset me, but instead of acting in an irrational way, I brushed off my shoulders and tried to get the stain out. For the most part the stains gone, but it’s faded.

Yesterday, I finished my portfolio for writing, went to Target to get Christmas gifts for a few of my friends, Clif bars, fiberone, diet ginger ale, almond milk, gum and christmas clings for my dorm room. It’s not like my roommates would take pride in my room. They trash it up and stink it up with their dirty clothes and rotting food! True story!



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