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Turkey Day and Black Friday November 26, 2010

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Happy (Belated) Thanksgiving!
I’m thankful for my Family, friends I have and have made at college, anyone who follows/.reads this blog since I’m really just starting out still, and my health. I’m thankful to be alive and healthy and being much stronger than I was to run the miles I do.
For my thanksgiving, I started my day at 6am! I had a cup of Trader Joe’s fiber cereal and nonfat plain Keifer and 2 packets of Crystal Light. Before the hail/sleet we had, I ran 30 minutes and then did 20 min. of abs and strength. I went with my dad to pick my mom up from working the night shift and visited my grandma and aunt. We stopped at Shoprite on our way home to get a veggie platter and whole wheat flour and pumpkin spice which was all sold out! (FAIL!) So I brought nutmeg. I already had a can of Libby’s pure pumpkin so I made pumpkin bread from Hungry-gril which I made into muffins. They were actually really tasty and just the right size for me. Dinner was a salad, veggies, sweet potato and 4 oz of Tofurky, not bad I must say. We left my brother’s house @ 7pm and a few min. away is Best Buys and like last year, people were camping outside with tents! What’s really good this year? We dropped my mom home and my dad and I went to my cousin’s house and yes I had a glass of Red wine. My dad said I could so I did. lol I got home around 10:30 and passed right out.

Today, I hit the gym and ran 2 miles and did a workout on the elip for 50 minutes plus weights. Breakfast was plain Keifer and oatmeal w/ cinnamon and nutmeg. Lunch was a pear more Keifer a Trader Joe’s fig bar. Ugh. I have a paper due at midnight tonite! I don’t understand why a professor would do that to students. So happy shopping on this Black Friday, as for myself, I’m avoiding it like the plague!


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