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another monday…can it be Thansgiving? November 22, 2010

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Another weekend flies by. I must say, I’ve been rather productive this past weekend. I managed a 4 day weekend where I wrote a 5 and a half page draft for writing, finished my ePortfolio and went to the gym/ran the past 4 days! I even went to Philly on Thursday which was pretty fun execept for the fact that my dad’s gps had us end up in a realy bad part of Philly, so that’s 2 for 2! I found a Trader Joe’s there and snagged some Purple Asperagus which I’ve yet to have but I’m looking forward to that on Wed. Thursday is Thanksgiving at my brother’s house again and I have a rather large can of Libby’s pure pumpkin which means I’ll be making a Hungry-girl recipe on Wed or a vegan pumpkin recipe. Friday, I managed to get new Asics which are actually the newer model of my red ones only they’re blue and rather comfy and supportive which means no insoles needed. =)

I have 50 hours until I go home on Wed. which translates to about 4-5 more classes and 2 more nights in a rather rocky uncomfortable bed. Blah! Tonight I’m hitting up the gym for an hour and tomarrow I have a dieticits meeting @ 3pm and class from 5-9. What else oh I’ve been so busy that I forgot about all my product reviews. (Oops!) I just recieved a package from Foods Alive and I already broke into the Maple and Cinnamon Flax crackers (Yummmm!)

Breakfast today was granola and cottage cheese. Yummy! Well more later…have a great week!


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