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17 credits and Mondays off! =) November 16, 2010

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I’ve been so busy these past few weeks which is why I post every 2 weeks. Sorry! College is NOTHING like high school (duh!) Since I’ve been away, I’ve had 2 exams, numerous amounts of quizzes and labs and 3 papers to write and 2 presentations. Now all I have t look forward to is going home this weekend and Thanksgiving at my brother’s house next Thursday! I’m hopefully going to get back in the kitchen since living at a dorm has prevented me from cooking anything. I’m thinking a vegan pumpkin treat. =) Any who, I signed up for 2 half marathons, one May 1st in long branch and the other September 18 in Philly. I’m so pumped and nervous for it.
Sunday, was open house on campus and my floor is the tour floor. I legit had to get off campus so I decided to walk to Whole Foods and of course use coupons. =) I saved twenty dollars in the process and got the following: 2 Clif bars, 2 Luna bars, pears, Food should taste good sweet potato chips, almond butter, siggi plain yogurt, keifer, 2 bottles of 1 liter water, Bran Scan crackers, Almond milk and Light Smart ‘Chicken’ all which came to a grand total of : $17.60.

Yesterday, I picked my spring semester classes! I’m taking 17 credits with Mondays off and Wednesdays off for the 1st half of the semester. Tuesdays, I’m taking Organic Chem, Writing, and Italian, Wed off till 2nd half which I will then take SANITATION MGT/FOOD MICRO:CER, Thur is lab for Organic chem in the morning, then writing and ending my night with Stats, and Friday, I’ll be taking Organic Chem and Dynamics of Food and Society. I’m actually excited! Have a great day!


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