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Tasteless and Tacky November 2, 2010

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I like few people my age enjoy watching the news. The headline tonight was about these shirts that poke fun of the scary skinny starlets that say “I love Anorexia.” I suffered from anorexia for years and thoughts are still with me to this day. I find these shirts to be tasteless and tacky. I know. I know. It’s a satire on these skinny starlets but really? It’s cruel and unhuman. I know freedom of speech but people need to realise the audience that may be viewing certain materials.
Artist Alexsandro Palombo who is the illustrator at Humor Chic has come out with “I love anorexia” shirts as well as drawing of super skinny stars such as Posh Spice and Rachael Zoe. Men and women with this disease will most likely find this as a trigger and I myself find it to be triggering. These shirts are meant for humor but clearly the humor and laughing is seen as a wrong message since sufferers of the disease may be laughing for other reason.


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