Coles Bites

A food journal of a teenager with a mission to be and eat healthy

ahhh Mondays October 25, 2010

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Oh how I hate mondays for the sole purpose of having 8 hours of classes and ending with a class where the professor doesnt even want to be there. Today, started with me rising at 6:50 am trecking half way across campus to get 3 eggwhites, 2 pieces of whole wheat toast and about .75cups of cottage cheese. After that somewhat yummy breakfast, I trecked all the way back to my dorm. I then laced up my Asics and instead of going to the gym, I headed into town where I ran to the ap and back and ran 2 laps at Anderson park which is a cute little park in behind Vally. In all I ran 6.8miles which didnt feel like it, but when I got back to my dorm, I could feel it in my feet and ankles. Ugh..I showered quickly and actually had an hour till chem. During chem, I had a Vanilla Almond Luna bar and diet pepsi. After the lecture, I contacted my RD and interviewed her for my Intro to nutrition and food professions, the last class on Mondays with the Debbi Dower of a teacher. I have writing from 4 to 5:15, then a window of 2 hours and 45 min till the next class. Since the Yankees bombed, I’ll be watching Gossip Girl all while doing laundry, Mommy taught me well! Hope your Monday is going well.


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