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If it’s free it’s for me October 23, 2010

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Ah…fall folliage. One of my favorite things about the fall aside from running in the cool crisp morning. 7 am I woke to my alarm of ‘Teenage Dreams’ by Katy Perry. I was in the mood to run this morning like most. I started my day off with one of the Lara Bars I brought yesterrday at Whole Foods, the Carrot Cake, and an apple. Bost amazingly delish. I headed out and tackled the hilly streets that make up Montclair and Upper Montclair in which my glutes got a serious burn. In all I ran 4 miles and after showers then heading back into town armed wit gift cards and coupons.

Instead of walking all over the place like I did yesterday, I knew where I was going today and wore sensible shoes as oppose to my Uggs yesterday in which I still have the blisters to prove. I finally arrived at Whole Foods for the second day in a row, and got everything in which I had coupons for along with my new obessission, latte with almond milk. So delish! The cashier was shocked that I had so many coupons for freebies and along with 2 reuseable bags (whole foods gives back 10 cents/ bag) I spent a mere $1.49. =) I told her that I have a blog in which I either get coupons for freebies or the actual products to sample and review. Companies do this because they feel the consumer will value the opinion of the blogger. Since the blogger is trying the product, their opinion is going to help the person to decided weither to buy the product or not.

After I got what I needed, I walked back to campus and arrived with new blisters and a list of things to do such as a read and response for writing and a paper for a class about campus events. Enjoy the day and try to stay warm. =)


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