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This is Montclair October 22, 2010

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yes yes, its been a while since I’ve posted. lol I must say, college is NOTHING like high school. I have no set schedual that I have to wake most days resulting in 9 o’clock awaking. Usually I plan on waking up @ 7 am and going to bed by 10:30. Well that’s never the case, Montclair dorms are loud and noisy and wel the fire alarm goes off once a week hense my sleeping at midnight although I’m getting 8-9 hrs a sleep per night. =) As for classes, I’m doing pretty well including chem which on my first exam, I recieved a 92% and nutrition, a 93%. Writing however is challenging, my high school english teachers did NOT prepare me for this at all.

Sooo…on to my adventures at So I’ve been hitting up the gym quite a bit lately and walking alot. Ytd, I walked into town to get my birthday drink from Starbucks, Venti Skinny Vanilla Latte, haha I’m too predictable. I also went to the gym where I ran 3.16 miles and elipitical for a half plus weights. Today, I decided first to walk into town after breakfast which was an omelete w/ veggies and a venti nonfat latte. However, I decided to walk to Whole Foods which I’ve been eger to go to since moving to Upper Montclair. I did in fact in Uggs. Huge mistake since now I have blisters on both feet. Yikes!!!! While walking to Whole Foods, I walked up Upper Mountain Ave. If become successful and wealthy or marry someone wealthy, that’s where I want to live. The houses are amazing, yes probably multi-million dollar homes, but they are gorgous! I countined on and finally reached Whole Foods.

I dont know how to explain the feeling I felt. lol I felt like a child in a candy store. I was so excited, which I’m thinking is my “ED” trying to resurface. When I was “sick” I use to get so overwelmed with emotions when I would go food shopping and I felt those feelings again. Anyways, I discovered that like Wegmans, they have a coffee bar, me addicted to coffee and caffine, got a latte, but instead of nonfat/ skim milk, they have rice, almond and of course soy. I just had to try almond milk in my latte. Awesome choice I may add. $37 later and I left with lara bars,clif bars, yerba mate tea, keifer, greek yogurt, apples, ak-are crackers, primortial soy jerkey ( I recieved sames in June and I loved them sooo much that I HAD to buy them), organic lolli-pops, and blue berries. After that, I walked all the way back to campus. I swear the walk back was so painful due to blisters. Ekkk…never again will I walk in Uggs. Well hope everyone is enjoying their day.


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