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A food journal of a teenager with a mission to be and eat healthy

I’m 19! September 21, 2010

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Yesterday was my birthday! I’m officially entering the last year of my teens. =( I had classes upon classes yesterday. (4 to be exact) The day pretty much flew by, just like all birthdays and holidays. Next up, Halloween! lol I’m still a kid at heart. To start the day off, I had cottage cheese, a bagel w/ the insides torn out. (it was a whole wheat bagel lol) and some fruit. Since I’m not feeling well, lunch was chicken soup, which was pretty tasty and 1 slice of whole wheat bread w/ chunk light tuna. I had one more class which was freshman writing and that prof. is a little kooky but I like her. I then proceed to the gym where I ran 30min. stairclimbed 64 flights of stairs and did 30 on the elip plus abs. I waited for my roomies to get back from classes and I had cantaloupe w/ cottage cheese and a diet coke. My roommates and the entire 8th floor had Dominos pizza. Not my fav. lol As for birthday cake, there wasn’t any this year nor the past 4 years. Idk it’s like I’m recovered to a point, but i just can’t find my self having sweets. When Gossip Girl came on, I did have a few Quaker pomegranate rice crisps. They were bangin’!
Today is anew day and I started today off with an egg white omelet w/ about a quarter cup of mushies, tomatoes, and peppers, whole wheat bagel w/ no insides and some fruit. Now I’m off to the gym for a run. Catch ya later!


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