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college September 1, 2010

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Holy Moly it’s been hot!!! College is AMAZNG! I’ve already met some new ppl and we’re friends now. (: There as been alot of activities the last few days so I’ve been super busy. Do I miss home yet? Not @ all. lol There’s this guy on my floor who i think is pretty good looking, but idk his name. ): My roommates are really nice and we get along. Classes start thursday w/ French @ 8:30 am and freshman writing @ 4pm. I’m excited and nervous all @ the same time. Totally normal!!

The food here so far isn’t too bad. Ytd for breakfast as well as today, I had 1/2 grapefruit and an egg white omlet w/ peppers, mushies and tomatoes plus lots of coffeee! (: lol Lunch today was a cup of kashi go lean and a designer whey protein pack. It’s so hot that all I’ve been doing is drinking water and i barely have any appetite. Dinnr was tomatoes and a veggie buger that was so gross I had about 1/2 of it. Today i got to the gym for the 2nd day in a row. Ytd I ran 2.5 miles plus wts. Today I did the elip and wts plus ran a mile.

Well it’s been a loooong day, tom I’m playing soccer in the college olympics for the Edu and health services college so it should be interesting!


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