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A food journal of a teenager with a mission to be and eat healthy

a new chapter in my life August 26, 2010

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In 3 days, I will leave home and move into my dorm. It’s a chance to start over with a clean slate. Which is good and bad. How will I be able to deal with being on my own and stress of college? Honestly, I have no idea. In the back of my mind what I was struggling with seems to want to resurface.

Lately, I’ve stopped what I thought were binges but in reality it was an extra 2 cookies or so. Which didn’t kill me but caused me to up my running. Today I worked the later shift from 3-8 and honestly had no break or dinner. ED thoughts r def. strong since it’s past 7. All I consumed today was 1 cup of kashi go lean and a plain nonfat chobani yogurt. Meh! Not my best day for a post.

When you struggle with an eating disorder, it seems like you struggle alone with your diease. Recently, I was messaged on facebook by a former classmate of mine whom is in the same boat as me. I can finally relate to someone and we are alike on so many level.

Tomarrow, I’m running and goiing to them gym. Hopefully I’ll get back on track and also pack for college.


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