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MIA July 22, 2010

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Yes, I’ve been MIA for a bit and for a good reason. I’ve been vacationing in Florida. Last Friday, I arrived in Orlando and headed to Daytona where I spent 5 days and then Tuesday, my aunt and I headed for Universal. Friday, I had to wake up @ 3 am! My flight was the 1st one of the day which was 6:15 am. Breakfast that day was a venti skim capp from Starbucks and their oatmeal. After a long route to my aunt and uncle’s house in Port Orange, I had lunch which was a thomas’s light multi-grain english muffin, turkey breast and an apple along w/ a special K iced tea protein water. That day, we hunted for gators and unfotrunalty, only spotted 1 @ the swamps of Merrit Island. After lunch, we road along the “World Famous Daytona Beach” and stuck my feet in the HOT water, yes it was rather warm, not like the freezing Jersey Shore water I’m use to. Dinner was a salad, carrots and a dannon nonfat greek yogurt. The next day, Saturday, we headed into Daytona again. Breakfast was 2 packages of weight control oatmeal and First we stopped @ a Starbucks and I got a grande Iced skinny vanilla Latte. After that, we visted the Ponces Inlet Lighthouse which is the tallest lighthouse in Florida. My legs killed me after that hike up the very narrow steps. That night, we ate at a place called Down the Hatch which is known for their fresh sea food. I had a salad with grilled shrimp. After dinner, we went mini golfing. I haven’t mini-golfed in years so I was really rusty! Sunday, breakfast was the same as Sunday plus some walnuts. Then we headed for St. Augustine and visted the fort which is suppose to be haunted as well as the light house. Lunch was in a place called the Bunnery and I had a 16 oz soy cap and a salad. We walked around the city for a bit and then went to the Gator farm where I finally saw hundreds of Gators! Their big and gross and smelly and hundreds of birds as well in which one almost attacked me! That night’s dinner was @ home which I FINALLY found tofu shirataki. I had that plus a vegan boca, a petty big salad and a cup of tea. Later that night, I had a passion fruit shaved ice. I asked for a mini which was HUGE. ED self would have been terriffed but I had a little bit cause it was SUPER sweet and I as fine. Monday was a day to relax. Breakfast was the same with a light yogurt and walnuts. Lunch was in the town of Daytona with a skinny latter and a salad with grilled shrimp. After that, I swam for an hour and road a bike for a half. Dinner was a boca burger, tomato and cucumber salad plus carrots and Italian Pom soda. I don’t drink soda cause it’s empty calories and all the sugar and crap but once in a while is fine. Other wise its diet soda or water, tea and coffee. My aunt and I then saw the new Nicholas Cage Movie, it was AWESOME! Gotta love Disney movies! lol The next day, we headed for Orlando. Breakfast was the same yet again. Lunch was in the car which was an apple, a turkey sandwich on a light english muffin and a light yougurt. The first day in Orlando was spent shopping at the Prime outlets. I scored a few juicy shirts, a nice coach bag, some undies from Victoria’s Secret and a Betsey Johnson Bag. And I still have money left over! Dinner was a grilled chicken salad @ Olive Garden, NO DRESSIN!!! Wednesday, was Islands of Adventures and of course a trip to visit Hogwarts/ Hogsmede. Breakfast was 2 packaged of plain oats and a activia yogurt. Around ten, we went to the 3 Broomsticks and had butterbeer. It’s a cross between rootbeer, cream soda and carmel. It was so sweet but worth it. Lunch was at the Margritaville and I had a side salad and a boca burger no bun. DInner was very odd, a Kashi fruit and grain bar, an apple and 1/2 a cucummber. I also did some running, which I’ve been slacking on, ran 3.1 miles.


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