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Anxiety and stress June 16, 2010

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Today is the last day of school and then tom I have to take a final and tue I have to take 2. I’m stressing out about them!

Ytd and today, breakfast was 2 tbsp naturally pb on a thomas’s light english muffin and a plain wegmans yogurt. “Lunch” was a perfect foods pb bar and snack ytd was an atkins peanut gornola bar. Today is the chocolate day break bar. DInner ytd was oatmeal w/ pb, milk and pumkin. yumm lol

Last night, I went to yoga w/ my mom and her friend. I was so relaxing and chair pose really got to me, I was kind of sore afterwards. lol My mom never took yoga before and I can tell that she’s willing to go to another class w/ me. Her friend LOVED it! lol I’m still having anxiety about body image and not being able to run or really exercise. I feel like I have no control again and I’m out of control. I HATE it and I feel like I’m gaining and gaining and gaining and I realy f’ed up my metabolism this time around. = ( I really wish I can just be happy with myself, but if I let myself have something “bad” I feel horrible and it’s like well w/e I’m doomed to be fat. Which is irrational plus I can control what I eat or don’t eat. but the thoughts just scream at me sometimes. Well hopefully I can relax and get my mind off this.


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