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Sorry June 14, 2010

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Friday was my senior Prom and I had a blast! I didn’t do the whole go down to the shore thing, not really my cup of tea.
But I have to say, I was out of my comfort zone and to say the least, it didn’t kill me. Breakfast friday was a Jay Robb egg white shake, to be honest, it wasn’t that tasty, maybe because it was vanilla? but I’d pass on that one next time. Lunch was a turkey sandwich on a light Thomas’s muffin with baby carrots and a Prana Bar. Dinner was some veggies at my brother’s house before prom and then at Prom I had more veggies. For the price of prom, the main entree wasn’t that good. Saturday, I slept like a crazy person. Breakfast was a pb sandwhich on sourdough bread, and milk. I kind of snacked thru the day on bars and things like that. I wasn’t really hungry but little bars kept my energy levels up. SUnday, breakfast was 2 packages of oatmeal, pb and a yogurt. Am snack was milk, a lara bar and some fruit. Lunch was A pb sandwich, yogurt and a Prana Bar. Pm snack was a real foods bar. It was different, very filling and a little dry. Dinner was grilled fish, a yam w/ laughing cow cheese and a small salad. Evening snack was 1 laughing cow and 3 wasa sesame crackers. Today for breakfast, I had a pb sandwhich on a light english muffin, skim milk and coffee. Lunch was an Atkins meal bar, pm was a fiber one bar, dinner was early, I had tuna, a yam w/ laughing cow and salad, and evening snack was a 150 cal worth of somersault chocolate crunch and skim milk. They was different but pretty good. Reminded me of the Kashi TLC mocha almond.


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